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By Maria Heinrich

Volunteer Classroom Donations

IF you are interested, this is a list of items we will use throughout the year in fourth grade.  Please keep in mind this is voluntary.

Thanks for your consideration –

Fourth Grade Team


·        Pencils (plain yellow No. 2)

·        Erasers –pencil tip

·        Soft Kleenex

·        Hand-held pencil sharpener

·        Crayons

·        Highlighters – light colored

·        Glue Sticks

·        Sandwich Ziplock storage bags

·        Dry Erase Markers

·        “Air Drying” clay

·        Paint (brown, white, green, yellow, orange)

·        Any art supplies for projects (craft sticks, wiggly eyes, toothpicks,              pom poms…)

·        Empty Tissue boxes (preferably the large size)

.        Hand Sanitizer (class-size)

ADA Compliance Errors 0