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Swimming Rules

over 2 years ago

  • Swimming suits may be left at the school for laundering and storage.  Students are to put their name and room number on their suits.
  • Girls are to wear a one-piece suit
  • Boys are to wear swimming trunks
  • Students are to bring their own towel (towels will be provided if forgotten)
  • Swimming caps, nose plugs, and goggles (no full face masks) are optional and can be used if the student beings them. (Goggles are provided if students would like to barrow.)
  • Valuables are encouraged to be kept at home on swimming days.  We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Students will be permitted to barrow a suit ONE time per 9 weeks.
  • If your child is injured, sick, or cannot participate for any reason please send in a note excusing them. (A doctors note will be required for extended illness or injury.)  
By Gabe Bowley