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about 1 year ago

Students will be participating in the Reading Counts Challenge in fourth grade throughout the entire year.  
  • some more
  • Mrs. Heinrich & Mrs. Iraca have tons of books that are a part of the challenge
  • After reading, using the computer, take a 10 point quiz - you may use your book to help answer the questions
  • You need to receive a 90% to move on to another book & quiz
  • After completion, fill out the ticket, stating the title, points and percentage of your quiz
  • Turn in the tickets to Mrs. Heinrich and/or Mrs. Iraca
  • You can take the quiz in the mornings and/or at recess - it takes a total of 5 minutes to complete the quiz, IF you carefully read your book.

The points will be tallied by class and individuals.  At the end of each nine-weeks, prizes will be given to the class for the most points.  Individuals will receive prizes for the most books read and total number of words read.  

"Students will improve their reading by reading books at their level and interest!!"

By Maria Heinrich