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Self- Discipline

over 2 years ago

By Michele Confer

Self-discipline is defined as “The ability to make yourself to do, what you know you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like or not!” 

We know that doing the right thing isn’t always easy.  Students who have self-discipline are able to STOP AND THINK about making good choices. It is important for children to know that they have the power to make choices and that we are responsible for what we say and do. 

We look at using self-discipline with our behavior expectations. Please take a minute and review these with your child.

I CAN BE SAFE- I have Self-Discipline!  

I keep hands, feet and all objects to myself.

I walk in the halls.

On the bus, I stay in my seat and I listen to the bus driver.

I CAN BE RESPECTFUL! -I have Self-Discipline!

I use kind and caring words.

I listen and follow directions.

I CAN BE KIND! I have Self-Discipline!

I give compliments.

I smile.

I use a friendly voice.

I share and take turns.

I CAN BE RESPONSBILE! -I have Self-Discipline!

I take care of my belongings.

I do my homework.